About Talent Booking

UK Media & Events has built some strong relationships with many of the leading talent agencies in the UK. They know us, they trust us, and they always enjoy working with us and this can give us an edge when brokering deals between managements/agents and our clients. We will work closely with you to find the right name for your project, event or campaign. 

Having harvested and worked with many artists and their management, we can arrange performers such as CBeebies Presenters/entertainers through to headline musical performers. We can also supply quality “filler acts” for the duration of your show to keep the crowds entertained! 

Unlike most businesses, the celebrity community doesn’t have a ‘Price List’ but rest assured, we will do the negotiating on your behalf and broker the best possible deal available.  

It should be noted that most artists will also come with various additional costs such as travel & accommodation, technical riders and hospitality. All enquiries are subject to availability, the signing of an artist contract, and the fee payment in full. 

Have an event coming up?

Speak to us to find out more about how UK Media & Events could help you with your upcoming event.